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  • The product is easy to use, stylish and beautiful, and can be used for parents to bring their children to travel, outdoor activities or visit different occasions.

  • Release the abdominal force, no caesarean section wound, aX stool core veneer can change with the mother's abdomen state, always only fit without pressure, relieve abdominal pressure, give a sufficient healing space for caesarean section.

  • When walking, the air flows freely without restriction, accelerates the heat dissipation and keeps the air dry, and is especially suitable for sensitive muscles that are not resistant to "boring". In the walking state, it allows a soft support that floats up and down slightly, reducing the irreversible damage to the tail of the young baby.

  • The soft moisture-absorbing water towel is detachable, easy to wash and more durable, and absorbs the dirt and other snot of the baby's mouth, keeping the face clean and dry. After the cotton wool treatment and the pressure line process, it is not easy to pilling every day.

  • Colour:Gray

    Product Name: Baby Carrier

    Material: cotton

    Packing weight: 1.4kg


    1. Breathable front window, refreshing and cooling, soft and transparent hollow mesh fabric, which is good for air convection to take away heat. The baby quickly absorbs moisture after sweating, and spreads and evaporates sweat, which is refreshing and comfortable.

    2, sunscreen sleep cap, select the skin-friendly mesh cloth to sew the head cap to resist the outdoor sun and dust in summer. The vacuum pores are convenient for air convection, breathable and comfortable, so that the baby can sleep safely.

    3, widen the filling belt away from the waist pain, select 10mm vent hole pearl cotton flat filling, widen the belt to 14CM, disperse the weight to the full waist. Using a thin soft waistband, it is easy to cause damage to the lumbar spine and lumbar muscles.

    4, the bottle lunch box can also be put into the big pocket, large-capacity storage front pocket, can accommodate diapers, mobile phones and other essential items.

    Tip: It is normal to measure the measurement error of 1-2 cm manually. Chromatic aberration may occur due to the shooting environment, lighting, and display. Please refer to the actual product.

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    FH Baby Waist Stool Strap Multi-Function Four Seasons Universal Baby Seat Bench Front Holding Baby Support Multi-Color Optional (Color : Gray) - B07R1RJRN2

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