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  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: made of safe and eco-friendly material, BPA free, odorless and harmless, add extra durability.

  • TREE BRANCHES SHAPED: The main tree trunk can dry 8-10 different shapes and sizes of bottles at the same time, and the small branches are suitable for the drying of small accessories such as pacifier, lid and straw.

  • LARGE DRAIN TRAY: the drain tray large enough to prevent water flow out; There is a gap on both sides for easy access and movement, increase stability.

  • REMOVABLE DESIGN: the tree branches can be detached from drain tray, which makes our product easier to clean and store, very convenient to remove and install.

  • HIGH CAPACITY STORAGE: can dry many bottles and accessories at a time, aesthetic appearance and humanization design.

  • Multifunctional bottle rack drying rack
    Material: PP material
    Applicable: 3 months or more
    Features: drying and storage of various bottles, bowls and other complementary food materials, easy to clean and safe materials, humanizable foldable

    1. Layered design / hygiene: layered design, easy to disassemble, clean and hygienic
    2. Notch design - easy to drain - easy to pour water
    3. Disassembly / installation / convenience: disassembly and installation are very convenient, Bao Ma don't have to worry about it.
    4. One set: safe material to help you naturally dry the bottle nipple, etc., to avoid secondary pollution
    5. Imitation of the shape of a row of trees, a large curved bracket composed of beautiful curves can dry 8-10 bottles of different sizes.
    6. The sub-bracket is a leaf shape suitable for drying pacifiers, cup lids, straws, etc.
    7. The outer and high inner low leaching chassis design prevents water from flowing out, and the layers can be separated and used; the bracket can be inserted at will; the bracket can be removed, the fruit tray can be removed, and the drain rack can be removed, which can be a small shell tray.
    8. Fashionable appearance is a good helper for moms to set up their home.

    SSeir Baby Bottle Drying Rack Infant Teats Cups Breast Pump Parts Dryer Dish drainer Child bottles Removable Toddler Infants BPA-Free - B07P8LGB7Y

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